The Story of a Bank that became a Spa

The Story of a Bank that became a Spa


A contemporary take on heritage, architecture, function, renewal and urban aesthetics. 

Operated for over 100 years, the bank was a trusted and yet mysterious fixture in the center of Amsterdam. Located near Dam Square and adjacent to the Royal Palace it is situated, quite literally, in the historic heart of a rapidly expanding metropolis.

 Follow the stairs down, beneath the former grand entrance hall of the bank building, past heavily fortified steel doors, their intricate locking mechanisms – perfectly oiled like clockwork – and rediscover yourself in a sanctuary of rejuvenation and rediscovery. Where stories of past secrets melt with innovative contemporary design – locked safely away in a series of impenetrable bank vaults; a place where only an elite few could gain access. Until now...

Discover the magnificent history of a modern day monument and indulge in a new definition of luxury.


200 pages
Design Story Publishing
February 2017
ISBN 978-90-826471-0-5 
245 × 305 mm

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